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Our Automation,
Your Liberation.

Otomatika is a Robotic Process Automation service provider with a difference. Our Bots will help your humans flourish and your business boom by automating inefficient and repetitive business processes.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a revolutionary new technology that lets your business automate everyday processes or tasks that normally require human interaction. Otomatika creates software robots that mimic the way that humans interact with computers to perform repetitive high-volume tasks. When successfully implemented RPA Bots can save your business up to 80% of the costs when compared to traditional manual processes.


Your Business on Autopilot

Otomatika helps you to identify inefficient, repetitive business processes that are good candidates for automation. We then develop software bots to execute these processes with speed and accuracy, allowing you to make better use your human workforce and add more value to your business.

Versatility in Application

Our bots are at home in any industry where repetitive rule-based workflows exist. Every business has tedious processes that create frustrating bottlenecks. Otomatika bots can eliminate these inefficiencies and carry out error free tasks at incredible volume and speed.

Open Source and Cloud Native

Our automation solutions leverage the power of Open Source software and Cloud Native technologies to save our customers money and deliver scalable solutions.

Less Mundane, More Humane

At Otomatika we believe in the infinite potential of human intelligence. Most jobs involve tedious, boring and repetitive tasks that no human should have to do.


While these processes may be critical to the success of your business, they do not exactly make your employees want to get out of bed in the morning.

Indeed, boring tasks may cause employees to become complacent and disengaged. They may even start daydreaming about better opportunities at companies that don't treat them like robots!


By adding Otomatika Bots to your workforce you relieve your workers from the burden of robotic tasks and allow them to thrive.

Example Use Cases

Invoice Processing

Our Bots can aid with both invoice generation as well as invoice importing using OCR technology

Data Gathering

Our Bots can access the internet and find and collect the information you need to stay ahead of the competition

Copy / Paste Flows

Incompatible software packages are frustrating. Let our bots help you efficiently move data around.

Report Generation

Otomatika Bots can use information from diverse sources to create insightful recurring reports - automatically.

Spreadsheet Flows

Our bots accurately crunch through tedious spreadsheet based workflows in a fraction of the time.

Bulk Online Orders

RPA bots can automate any action that humans do on computers. Bulk orders don't have to be a headache.

Data Entry

Mundane data entry and migration tasks are perfect candidates for RPA Bots.


When it comes to customer onboarding their first impressions are everything. Our bots never miss a beat.

Inventory Updates

Otomatika bots can assist you by dynamically updating pricing and availability of stock from various sources.

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